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Relative Insight
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Relative Insight are a leading digital platform in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) space. Their AI and ML algorithms help brands to understand user sentiment in order to provide marketeers and product people with the right insight for their campaigns or product development.

I had been brought on board to help them with a optimised onboarding journey. The solution was turned around quickly in order to test and learn and be able to launch at their next key milestone.

The concept of what they are trying to achieve is complex but the user journey itself was fairly straightforward. The challenge was turning complex data in to something that made sense even to data experts.


  • Sprint design research pack
  • User journey and user flows
  • Hi-fidelity UI concepts
  • Handover pack and style guide

Key insights

  • Complex proposition specifically around scoring results
  • Users wanted to get to the results quickly
  • Understanding of the results and spotting the nuggets was key
  • Users were using the platform for a different use case than that it was intended
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Lo/Hi fidelity prototypes

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