B Spontaneous

Clydesdale bank
Head of Creative/UX
Supporting team
Researcher, Head of Strategy, Junior UX

I had the opportunity to explore the concept of 'Taste freeze'. The topic was as open as it could be but the solution had to involve the bank in some way.

The project was to be undertaken in 5 days using a close resemblance to Google's Sprint methodology to research, test, design and build something. There was 2 strategists, a researcher and one junior UXer plus 8 customers.

Music research told us that many users over the age of 30 encounter what is called as taste freeze. Data from Spotify showed that users tended to listen to very similar artists over and over and Spotify's solution was the Discovery Playlist. We used this is as a source of inspiration to drive the ideas for my team.

Our solution was "A fun free app that helps families break from their norm - B Spontaneous".


  • User research (User journeys)
  • Product proposition deck
  • Lofi & hifi UI concepts
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Handover pack

Key insights

  • Most users were stuck in their ways
  • Time poor but wanted a quick solution
  • Felt didn't have the money to spend on frivolous events
  • Were open to using their data in a meaningful way if it benefited them
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Lo/Hi fidelity prototypes

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