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PingGo is a platform that looks to solve a problem that is often overlooked in many other products in the Martech area. The key USP is its writing and template feature. Users no longer need to stare at a bank piece of paper but can quickly write PRs starting from well proven templates that integrate with a key message component to keep every PR on brand.

I was tasked with producing a future version of the product utilising existing user feedback and data to drive the user experience forward.


  • Hi-fi user flows
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Ongoing creative direction

Key insights

  • Across all levels of experience users suffered from blank page anxiety
  • Inconsistent workflows
  • Proofing and editing takes a long time
  • PR using incorrect key messages
  • Agencies not knowing where, who has the the latest source
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Lo/Hi fidelity prototypes

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